To some cotton is what your clothes are made from, your socks, your bed covers, even found in your soap and cosmetics. To me, cotton is so much more.  See, my daddy, who is now almost 77 years old, as a child traveled to Missouri every year to pick cotton. He didn’t do it because … Continue reading Cotton

Am I Living?

My lungs fill with air Yet, I cannot breath.  My heart is full of love Yet, I cannot feel.  My eyes see the truth Yet, my vision is blurred by the tears.  My body wants to live Yet, all I feel is numb.  Save me from myself.  Save me from the pain.  Fix the brokenness … Continue reading Am I Living?

It is finished….

I am more a spiritual person than a religious person. I do believe that Christ died on the cross, was buried in the tomb and rose again. I do believe that it was finished that Friday on the cross and I do believe that I am saved by his grace alone. I grew up in … Continue reading It is finished….

Against the Current 

Why, as humans, do we fear change? Why do we settle for a life of full of mundane tasks, jobs, relationships just to avoid taking a leap of faith and take the chance of falling? I would rather fall a thousand times than walk into the Pearly Gates only to look back and say, "If … Continue reading Against the Current 


Almost; As she said the words that hurt him the most. Almost; As she slowly packed her life in the suitcase. Almost; As she walked out the door that she had walked through a million times. Almost; As she started the car that would drive her away forever. Almost. Until; He stopped the car that … Continue reading Almost;Until

There are no words left……

There are no words left to express how it feels on the day of your birth with you no longer here.   There are no words left to express the feelings of longing that I crave to see your face once again.  There are no words left to express the void I feel without you … Continue reading There are no words left……