To some cotton is what your clothes are made from, your socks, your bed covers, even found in your soap and cosmetics. To me, cotton is so much more. 

See, my daddy, who is now almost 77 years old, as a child traveled to Missouri every year to pick cotton. He didn’t do it because he was able to miss months of school, travel to another state, no, he didn’t have a choice. He picked cotton with his family to make money to live on. 

My daddy gave up his childhood for hard work, long days, and barely any money. I am saying this to everyone, I find our society today stunted in growth. Our society has lost the true value of hard work, family and labor of love. 

When did we lose our values and morals in this great land we live in? When did hate outweigh the love of compassion and empathy that we had for one another? When did we start hating our country so much that we would rather kneel in front of the flag that so many have died for, instead of using the millions that we make playing a “game” and be an advocate in a more respected way. 

My daddy never fought for our country, he never had the chance from almost dying from polio as a young child, but he believes in hard work and what our great country stands for. I often wonder if my daddy was able to have a normal childhood, with enough to eat, better living conditions, and without such manual labor, would he have been spared from his illness. But this is a question that will never be answered. 

All I know is that my daddy taught me about values of love, family and our land, and those I will continue to live by. No, this isn’t just cotton, it is a story of endurance of a small boy called James. #mydaddy #myhero #cotton #southernroots #bayarkansas #loveourland #bethankful #livelifegrateful #respecttheflag

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