Against the Current 

Why, as humans, do we fear change? Why do we settle for a life of full of mundane tasks, jobs, relationships just to avoid taking a leap of faith and take the chance of falling? I would rather fall a thousand times than walk into the Pearly Gates only to look back and say, “If only”. I would rather live with a thousand failures than a thousand regrets. And I refuse to live my life keeping my wings clipped to satisfy the fears of others. Life is too short just to exist. What happened to living life to the fullest? That stopped when society decided we should live a rat race of a life. Why can’t society accept that living a simple yet satisfying life is more important than climbing a corporate ladder, keeping up with the Jones’, wanting more, bigger and always thinking it is better? I chose to turn away from society’s standards. I choose to be the salmon who swims upstream, against the current, while everyone else swims downstream together never actually knowing that the life of self-fulfillment is happening upstream away from the crowds of single minded thinkers. 

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