The Adventures of Cashy

A short story I wrote about my Cashy!

*Geared toward 7-11 year olds

Cashy Illustration 1.jpg

It was a cold, snowy March day and Cashy had been walking for what seemed like eternity.  His fur was soaked and his paws were frozen and no matter how far he walked he still couldn’t find his way home.  So, Cashy continued along his journey until at some point he took a wrong turn and ended up next to loud and fast machines that made a funny noise when he got too close to them.  The machines made Cashy very scared and he ran as fast as he could looking for somewhere safe.

Out of nowhere came this little purple machine that made a noise like “beep, beep”, and Cashy thought it was really funny.  The purple machine stopped and a lady with a purple sweater from inside started whistling at Cashy to come to her.  Cashy liked the purple machine, and the lady with the purple sweater seemed really nice so Cashy ran to the lady and jumped in her lap.  The lady laughed really loud at Cashy as he left wet, snowy footprints all over her.

The nice lady with the purple sweater took Cashy for a ride in the purple machine and Cashy enjoyed looking out the window as she drove.  When the lady got to her house, she told her family that she had found Cashy on the side of the road.  Cashy didn’t understand what she was saying, because in his mind he was home where he was suppose to be.  He flopped down on the floor and made himself right at home.  The lady with the purple sweater said that Cashy was so furry he looked like Chewbacca and then the family laughed.  Cashy didn’t know what that meant, but apparently it was something funny.

Later, Cashy met four more dogs that lived with the lady with the purple sweater.  She called them Lola, Lil Bit, Sawyer and Cowboy.  Cashy thought “Cowboy”, what a funny name to be called.  They were all nice to Cashy  and liked to play, but Lola was really loud, and the lady said that was because she was so old.  Lil Bit just sat in the chair smiling and shaking all the time, Sawyer was young and really hyper, but he had a really cool clubhouse inside his kennel and the lady in the purple sweater said Cowboy was the leader of the pack and didn’t want to be messed with very much. Cashy liked to play with them too, but he mostly  enjoyed just staying with the lady in the purple sweater from the purple machine.

Cashy overheard the lady tell her family that she looked for his owner but no one knew who he belonged to.   “I belonged here  the purple machine lady in the purple sweater”, though Cashy.  Soon the lady started telling Cashy to call her mommy and he really liked that very much.  She made him very happy and took really good care of him.  She gave Cashy a bath and made him smell good. She took him for a ride to a place where they cut his hair and he felt so much better with the long, matted  hair gone.  The lady, who he now called mommy, bought him a dog bed, treats and toys and told Cashy how much she loved him.  She even took Cashy to a dog doctor to make sure he was healthy.  He didn’t like that part very much, but when they got home, he got to snuggle with mommy on the couch.

At first, William, mommy’s husband, was very mad at mommy for bringing home another dog, but he soon understood that animals were drawn to mommy and made her feel better.  Cashy was different with mommy than her other furbabies.  He didn’t want mommy to leave him alone and so he followed her everywhere.  And even though mommy didn’t allow her furbabies to sleep with her, somewhere Cashy made his way into her room and soon onto her bed.  Soon mommy told Cashy that WIlliam was his daddy.  Cashy liked to have a mommy and a daddy, it made him very happy and safe.

Not too long after Cashy had been living with mommy and the family, Cowboy became really sick and the doggie doctor couldn’t help him.  Mommy said Cowboy went to Cross the Rainbow Bridge and she was very sad and cried for days.  Cashy didn’t know how to help mommy feel better so he just stayed right beside her, letting her know that he was there to take care of her.

One night while mommy and daddy were in the bedroom talking, daddy told mommy that now he fully understood why mommy found Cashy that cold, snowy March day.  He said that God knew that Cowboy was soon going to live this earth and that mommy was going to need someone to comfort her and make her feel better.  God knew Cashy would be the perfect furbaby for that role.  Cashy laid by mommy and listened to every word that daddy said.  Cashy now knew his role and his job for finding mommy that day.  He knew he was sent to protect her, comfort her and love her unconditionally.  He was to be her faithful companion on her good days and her bad days.

Cashy knew that he would be all these things to mommy until his time was finished.  He would live out his days loving mommy, protecting mommy and being that faithful companion to her.  He would lick away the tears on the bad days and rejoice with her on the good days.  He would snuggle with her on the couch on lazy afternoons and be a lookout for mommy when they went riding in the purple machine.

For the first time ever, Cashy felt loved.  He felt he had found his place of belonging and Cashy knew that he had finally found his forever home with the lady in the purple sweater from the purple machine that he was honored to call mommy.


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